Mohabbat Khawab Safar Episode 18 Full HD – Mohabbat Khawab Safar is a latest drama serial by Hum TV and Hum TV Dramas are well-known for its quality in Pakistani Drama & Entertainment production. Today Hum TV is broadcasting the 18 Episode of Mohabbat Khawab Safar. Watch Mohabbat Khawab Safar Episode 18 Full in HD Quality June 20, 2017 at Hum TV Dramas official channel.

Momina Duraid Productions Presents Mohabbat Khawab Safar

Babar Khan, Faiq Khan, Mizra Zain Baig, Rabab Hashim, Seher Afzal, Mehmood Aslam,Ambar Khan, Sangeeta, Mohsin Raza Gilani, Munazzah Arif, Kausar Ashraf, Hina Naz and Others

Directed By
Syed Asim Ali

Written By
Rukhsana Nigar

Produce By
Momina Duraid

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